Sun Visors

sun visors

Sun Visors

Neoprene Sports Sun Visors are perfect for outdoor sports and events.
The softness of the neoprene material means that there’s no need to worry about cuts or injuries on contact.

With 26 different colour choices to choose from, we can definitely match your club or team’ s colour.

Our Sun Visors are manufactured using top quality foam which is super lightweight and easily personalised.
With so many design and colour choices, our products will make your logo or club name stand out in the crowd.

To make your Sun Visor stand out, we are using a special printing technique called Sublimation printing.

This technique achieves a long lasting and vibrant design on your visor. Unlike conventional processes where the ink is laid on top of the surface, sublimation inks are physically embedded directly into products by dying the ink into the surface under heat and pressure. As a result, this new technique leaves a long lasting, vibrant look that will never crack, peel or fade.

This means that your unique Sun Visor will promote your club or team for a long time to come.


Our Visors have the following features:

  • Material: Neoprene
  • Sublimation print
  • 4mm and 5mm thickness
  • 26 different colour choices

ENQUIRE right here about your own unique customised Sun Visor.

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